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In the state of Indiana, daily fantasy sports are completely allowed. In March of 2016, then-Governor Mike Pence signed a major piece of legislation into law that categorized daily fantasy sports as a game of skill and, as a result, exempted them from the state’s rules on unlawful gambling. This was done despite the fact that the state normally takes a conservative stance to gaming. Even though competitions based on college or high school sports are prohibited in the state of Indiana, which is home to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), this is fantastic news for lovers of daily fantasy sports.

Overview of Daily Fantasy Sports Played Online in the State of Indiana

Given Indiana’s long-standing stance against internet gambling, the state’s decision to legalize daily fantasy sports came as somewhat of a surprise to many people. In contrast to a great number of other jurisdictions, which operate in a kind of legal limbo, the state legislation of Indiana make explicit reference to online gambling, so there is no room for any uncertainty about the legality of this form of gaming.

A measure that was introduced in the Senate in 2016 with the intention of legalizing and regulating daily fantasy sports made significant progress and was ultimately signed into law by Governor Mike Pence. Since the passage of this legislation, members of the Indian community have been able to participate in daily fantasy sports with all of the main operators that are present in the state.

An express prohibition on daily fantasy betting on amateur sports was included in the new regulation. This is crucial because the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which is responsible for organizing collegiate sports, and the National Group of High School Sports Associations (NGSA) both have their headquarters in Indianapolis and have a large amount of influence on the political climate of the state.

Due to the fact that Indiana was one of the first states to legalize and regulate daily fantasy sports, the perceived success or failure of this law will have a significant impact on whether or not other states decide to follow suit.

An Overview of the Legislation Regarding Daily Fantasy Sports
Indiana’s laws is very clear, in contrast to the legislation in many other states, which is incredibly vague about daily fantasy sports. Daily fantasy sports do not constitute unlawful gambling, and citizens of Indiana who are at least 18 years old are permitted to participate in these games. In accordance with the state’s prohibition on all types of internet gambling, it would seem that daily fantasy sports were outlawed prior to the legislation that was passed in 2016. As a result of this law, Indiana became the second state after Virginia to completely allow daily fantasy sports. Since then, a number of other states have followed the lead of Indiana and Virginia.

Age at which daily fantasy betting is permitted in Indiana

At least 18 years of age is required to participate in daily fantasy sports in the state of Indiana. Operators are obligated to check the ages of players in accordance with the law that was passed in 2016, however it is unclear how comprehensive this requirement is. On the other hand, operators that are discovered to be supplying gamblers who are under the age of 18 might anticipate a hefty punishment, particularly in this somewhat conservative state, which is one of the few states that prosecutes illegal sports like poker. In the state of Indiana, any and all types of illicit gambling are considered to be a Class B misdemeanor.