HitmanTM is a

If you were to speak or hear about a hitman in the past, you could have been reminded of a frightening movie, or at the very least, of something that you would read about in a high-profile news article. At this point in time, we have come to believe that the word is most associated with the HitmanTM franchise, which has been used in a wide variety of mediums, such as video games, comic books, and action figures. Because of Microgaming, there is now a slot machine game that can be played online and it has the same name. The game plays nicely on a wide variety of devices that are compatible with it, and it has the iconic protagonist. It is a real tribute to the brand in both its appearance and its operation. Simply search for an online casino that is compatible with Microgaming software if you are interested in playing this online slots game, which is known for its incredible level of entertainment.

Characteristics and Symbols

When it comes to online slots, HitmanTM is a 3×5-reel game that has 15 paylines, a minimum bet value of 0.01 credits, and a maximum bet amount of 75 credits. Therefore, it is possible that the game is better suited to die-hard fans of the franchise, or at the at least, to the types of gamers who enjoy playing online slots and prefer to place little bets. The symbols consist of a variety of the hitman’s implements, such as a garrotte, a knife, a syringe, a sniper rifle, handguns, a stack of cash, and the protagonist himself in a variety of attitudes and positions. During the game, there are three distinct Scatter symbols: a laptop computer, the number 18, and an insignia. The Wild symbol is the emblem of the hitman with crossed pistols, which means it will substitute for other symbols in order to assist you in achieving winning combinations.

The game has Expanding Wilds, which means that whenever the Hitman appears on reels two, three, or four, he will occupy all of the spaces on that reels. It is possible to activate the Contract Bonus by landing the laptop symbol anywhere on reels three, four, or five. Here, you will be given a random prize if you are successful in determining which of the characters in a line-up has to be eliminated. If you are successful, you will be granted the prize. The Free Spins bonus round is activated when three of the 18 symbol appear on the reels, and the Insignia Bonus is activated when three of the insignia symbol appear on the reels with the same number of symbols. Simply choose one of them to reveal a gift that is chosen at random.

Play Right Now

There is a lot to look forward to and enjoy with the Hitman online slot game, and if you are already a fan of the brand, then you will have no doubt that you will be adding this game to your list of favourites. This game is definitely one that can stand on its own because to its creepy music, its fluid gameplay, and its recognisable artwork, as well as its plenty of supplementary elements that are included inside the game itself. If you are interested in playing, all you need to do is go to any online casino that is compatible with Microgaming. You will be glad to learn that the majority of the most respected online casinos are compatible with Microgaming.